23 Ekim 2017 Pazartesi

New Collection! The Language of Texture; One of a Kind Jewelry

 Nothing in nature is without a texture and my new collection is about texture. I call them as  " Texture Language " and I hand create each of them from silver.  Some of them are black oxidized silver, some only with a natural silver color,  but all textured with different style. All one of a kind even earrings' pair are not exactly same.

This one of a kind earring reminds me leaf's texture.Natural but with a modern, contemporary style...

This pendant necklace has got a bid rustic style but still modern. This necklace reminds me a poppy flower...
  It is wide statement necklace....

Beautiful one of kind silver earrings. 

And oxidized sterling silver earrings with a gorgeous texture.

12 Mayıs 2016 Perşembe

ON THESE DAYS MY COLOR IS PINK RUBY - BUGÜNLERDE RENGİM PEMBE #rubyring #naturalrubyring #solitairering #silver #handmade #designerjewelry #serpilguneysu


At different times of the year I like different colors of clothings, jewelry etc. On these days my color is pink!
Yılın farklı zamanlarında nedense farklı renkler giymeyi, kullanmayı seviyorum. Bu sıralar pembenin bu tonuna vurgunum. Bu yüzüğü doğal yakutla yaptım ve çok hoşuma gitti. #rubyring #naturalrubyring #silver #solitairering #handmade #designerjewelry #serpilguneysu

 I have made this ring's shank etc. totally by hand from sterling silver sheets and wires.Photo show half way. Yüzüğü küçük tezgahımda gümüş plaka ve tellerden tamamen kendim yaptım. Taşın kenarlarda 3 er adet minik top var. Fotoğraf bazanın yarı tatmlanmış şeklini gösteriyor.
 It was also a gift for my Mom for mothers day! My Mom has choosen this pink natural ruby. But then I realized that it looks gorgeous and fits vey well with handmade silver. Aslında bu taşı annem seçti ama sonra bende çok sevdiğimi vegümüşlede çok yakıştığını farkettim.
I want to make more ring with this stlye and with different natural gemstones. Bu tarz yüzükleri yeni yeni deniyorum ama devamını getirebilmeyi ümid ediyorum.


29 Şubat 2016 Pazartesi


I love copper objects and using household goods from copper. Especially old objects from copper, which are shaped by hands, interest me. My Mommy also loves copper and She loves to collect copper objects and loves to visit copper smith's bazaars. I think I am similar to her and whenever I go to a city/town or even in Istanbul I try to find copper or black - smith's bazaar / shop and visit it. This year I have visited Safranbolu, approx.400km far away from Istanbul and  famous with old Turkish house's architecture,
And these photos that I share with you are taken from Safranbolu's copper - smith's bazaar.

Photos are taken by Tuncay Gürbüz.

25 Şubat 2016 Perşembe



When I make my jewelries I have been inspired from many things. For this silver & leather bracelet my inspiration was Turkish kilims. Real art keep it's value for centuries and I believe Turkish kilims and carpets are one of them. Kilims have got very original  abstract designs which has got special meanings about daily life of that age. Here are some of them!
Takılarımı yaparken farklı şeylerden esinlenebiliyorum. Gümüş ve deri kullanarak yaptığım bu bilezikte kilimlerden esinlenmiştim. Türk kilim motiflerinden esinlenerek yaptığım başka takılarımda vardı ama ne yazık ki elimde fotoğrafları yok! Kilimlerdeki sembollerin hemen hepsinin bir anlamı var. İlginç bulduğum bir kaç tanesini buraya ekledim.

Man figure
Yar yara küstü / Lovers are crossed
Taraklı hanım / Woman with comb

Kaplumbağa / tortoise

Karnıyarık / Symbol of pregnancy

Kıskanç dedikodu motifi!:) / Jealous gossip motif!:)

And I had inspired my silver leather bracelet from this motif. 


22 Şubat 2016 Pazartesi


Sometimes when I make a jewelry I have been inspired by eyes. I start to make a ring then I see that it is similar to a look or a face that can not be described with words. These rings are some of them.
Yaptığım takıları bir kişinin bakışına veya yüz ifadesine benzettiğim çok oluyor. Burada bu takılarımdan bazı örnekler koydum.

Above; Some of my eye rings with mixed metal and different stones.

I call this ring as " third eye " . Here I had used an irregular freshwater pearl. I also make it with natural emerald gemstone.
This ring's name is " gözüm üstünde / my eye on you ". I set natural garnet gemstone inside a bezel then set it into a freshwater coin pearl.

31 Aralık 2015 Perşembe


 This is my pine tree necklace representing a year. There are 12 silver balls on it each representing a month / a wish of the year! Completely handmade, I make it with different stones with order.
Leave behind you the old chapters that were filled with pages of worries and begin the New Year with happiness, cheer and smiles. - See more at: http://www.dgreetings.com/newyear/newyear-messages.html#sthash.fo0gytZq.dpuf

New Year arrives with hopes and it gives us new courage and belief for a very new start. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.

Leave behind you the old chapters that were filled with pages of worries and begin the New Year with happiness, cheer and smiles. - See more at: http://www.dgreetings.com/newyear/newyear-messages.html#sthash.fo0gytZq.dpuf

21 Aralık 2015 Pazartesi


I have visited Safranbolu few weeks ago and I wanted to share some photos with you with the eyes of photographers; Mürşit Durmuş & İbrahim Obalı. 
 My grandmother had got a wooden house similar to Safranbolu houses and and when I was a kid I had spent my summer vacations in that wooden house. That house in my childgood has been collapsed without any photograph has been taken. So, wooden houses or any old house has got a different meaning for me.

Safranbolu is the best preserved town in Anatolia. Approx. 400km far away from Istanbul.


What a lovely smile of a child at Safranbolu streets. Photo has been taken by Mürşit Durmuş.

The sloping terrain at Safranbolu, which is situated in a deep canyon carved out by three rivers, produced interesting architectural solutions. The stone-built ground floors of Safranbolu houses, most of which are two- or three-storey mansions, generally follow the natural gradient of the street. The upper stories meanwhile, supported by buttresses, may project over the street. Although the houses are built on small, oddly shaped lots, thanks to this building technique the upper level rooms are nevertheless rectangular and spacious. Another aspect of the technique is that the house’s axis can be rotated slightly on the upper stories according to need or exposure to the sun! The houses along the narrow streets of the marketplace thus rise twisting and turning like screw shells over the narrow and sloping plots of land to which they cling.

 Traditional houses in Safranbolu  are mostly 3 floors, 6 or 8 rooms.  Houses designed for convenience of people living in it. Every room is designed to meet needs of the family. There are cupboards, called ’yüklük’ shelves, furnaces and sofas in every room. In each room consists the wardrobes and they are used for ablution like today’s shower cabins. The another details in Safranbolu houses are wooden decorated. Safranbolu houses don’t uniformity due to the overhang. The number of narrow and long windows differs according to size of the room and they are covered with wooden cages called ‘muşabak’. Some ofthe houses have pools for coolness andin order to protect against fire. Generally stone is used downstairs, adobe is used upstairs, and tiles in the Ottoman style are used in roofs. The floor of the entrance is called ’Hayat’ (life), if it is stone it is called ‘taşlık’ (made of stone).

 This lamp has got a bulb but originally it is an oil lamp. When I go to my grandmother's house electricity were cut at 23:00. So to go into the loo during the night was a bid scary with the oil lamp.

During our visit we have also seen a Van Cat with one eye blue and one eye green. But unfortunately I haven't got it's photo. When I was a child my aunt had got a Van Cat which is called " Pamuk ".