29 Ekim 2012 Pazartesi

Celebrating our Republic!

This is my first try of Monday's Mood Board and Today is Turkey's Republic Day! I am celebrating it and I have chosen wonderful red items from beautiful shops with amazing flowers. This is our republics' 89. anniversary! Before 29.October.1923 there were Ottoman Empire around here, actually was not an Empire anymore by that time. Republic has been given us lots of things. But it is sad to see some people who still doesn't like it on this century, or doesn't understand its' meaning! I think one of the biggest thing which our republic has given to us is educated girls and women. Before republic women can't even be counted on the census of population. Ottoman Empire was magnificent, was unique and one of the most artistic civilizations in the world. But it was on last century and there were very rich few people and most of the people were uneducated and poor during Ottoman Empire and spending their lives on the wars. Republic has given us to live our lives as individuals, namely Mustafa Kemal Atatürk has managed this, He was a unique leader who really cares about people, had got genuis to create a new, fresh republic that is why people love him so much. I wish everybody live in free, peaceful and honest world with democracy but not with only words including democracy or freedom, I hope they realize and live its' meaning honestly.