13 Nisan 2013 Cumartesi

New Ring from Hands Collection

#ModernAbstractJewelry, #SterlingSilver, #JewelrylikeSculpulture It is one of the new rings from my hands collection, It is abstract so it explains itself with it's shape, I can't tell it with words. This ring is from my " Hands Collection " every ring on this collection is handmade metalwork, so each of the ring is unique like our hands. Shank of the rings are consist from sterling silver wires. Shape of this silver wires remind me hand, fingers like grabbing something. This is also why this collection's name is hands. Materials; sterling silver and fresh water pearls. You can see the ring more detailed from below link; https://www.etsy.com/listing/123119604/designer-ring-triangle-and-a-pearl?ref=shop_home_feat