31 Aralık 2015 Perşembe


 This is my pine tree necklace representing a year. There are 12 silver balls on it each representing a month / a wish of the year! Completely handmade, I make it with different stones with order.
Leave behind you the old chapters that were filled with pages of worries and begin the New Year with happiness, cheer and smiles. - See more at: http://www.dgreetings.com/newyear/newyear-messages.html#sthash.fo0gytZq.dpuf

New Year arrives with hopes and it gives us new courage and belief for a very new start. Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.

Leave behind you the old chapters that were filled with pages of worries and begin the New Year with happiness, cheer and smiles. - See more at: http://www.dgreetings.com/newyear/newyear-messages.html#sthash.fo0gytZq.dpuf

21 Aralık 2015 Pazartesi


I have visited Safranbolu few weeks ago and I wanted to share some photos with you with the eyes of photographers; Mürşit Durmuş & İbrahim Obalı. 
 My grandmother had got a wooden house similar to Safranbolu houses and and when I was a kid I had spent my summer vacations in that wooden house. That house in my childgood has been collapsed without any photograph has been taken. So, wooden houses or any old house has got a different meaning for me.

Safranbolu is the best preserved town in Anatolia. Approx. 400km far away from Istanbul.


What a lovely smile of a child at Safranbolu streets. Photo has been taken by Mürşit Durmuş.

The sloping terrain at Safranbolu, which is situated in a deep canyon carved out by three rivers, produced interesting architectural solutions. The stone-built ground floors of Safranbolu houses, most of which are two- or three-storey mansions, generally follow the natural gradient of the street. The upper stories meanwhile, supported by buttresses, may project over the street. Although the houses are built on small, oddly shaped lots, thanks to this building technique the upper level rooms are nevertheless rectangular and spacious. Another aspect of the technique is that the house’s axis can be rotated slightly on the upper stories according to need or exposure to the sun! The houses along the narrow streets of the marketplace thus rise twisting and turning like screw shells over the narrow and sloping plots of land to which they cling.

 Traditional houses in Safranbolu  are mostly 3 floors, 6 or 8 rooms.  Houses designed for convenience of people living in it. Every room is designed to meet needs of the family. There are cupboards, called ’yüklük’ shelves, furnaces and sofas in every room. In each room consists the wardrobes and they are used for ablution like today’s shower cabins. The another details in Safranbolu houses are wooden decorated. Safranbolu houses don’t uniformity due to the overhang. The number of narrow and long windows differs according to size of the room and they are covered with wooden cages called ‘muşabak’. Some ofthe houses have pools for coolness andin order to protect against fire. Generally stone is used downstairs, adobe is used upstairs, and tiles in the Ottoman style are used in roofs. The floor of the entrance is called ’Hayat’ (life), if it is stone it is called ‘taşlık’ (made of stone).

 This lamp has got a bulb but originally it is an oil lamp. When I go to my grandmother's house electricity were cut at 23:00. So to go into the loo during the night was a bid scary with the oil lamp.

During our visit we have also seen a Van Cat with one eye blue and one eye green. But unfortunately I haven't got it's photo. When I was a child my aunt had got a Van Cat which is called " Pamuk ".

10 Aralık 2015 Perşembe


I have added new items to my " with only a rope " collection which is inspired from rock climbing and mountain climbing.
 Natural, organic fine silver hair pins.
These lovely hair accessories have got hammered or curved choices;

Adjustable rope & knot rings from fine silver. They look like stacking ring, but there are three ropes on one ring; two with love knots and one simple doubled rope. You can also use back sides of these lovely rings!

23 Kasım 2015 Pazartesi


Few months ago I have visited Çanakkale which is a lovely town in the northwestern part of Turkey and, unexpectedly, I have met with these amazing, talented young artists! It was a great suprise for me and I wanted to share their art with you with my cellphone photosç
All of them are gorgeous. But also the bird's style at the end is one of my favorites!:)

Çanakkale Çocuk Festivalinden Kareler! Hepsi birbirinden güzeldi en sondaki kuşlara ayrıca bayıldım!


 It is an amazing picture, isn't it?


 Another creative artist!
 Good friends and and amazing paintings!

19 Kasım 2015 Perşembe


SERPIL GUNEYSU: NEW COLLECTION; " WITH ONLY A ROPE ":   http://tinyurl.com/nmswjr2 This year I have tried alpinism and rock climbing with ropes and I admire how amazing things can...


This year I have tried alpinism and rock climbing with ropes and I admire how amazing things can be done with only a rope and how beautiful places can be seen inside canyons and rocks with rope and knots. So I have created silver ropes and made a new collection from them. I am quite excited about this new collection! I have given it a name " with only a rope "

Above; Rope / String rings, it may be also be used as stacking rings. I make them to your size with polished silver or oxidized silver with different knots or just as a simple rope as you wish. Also a beautiful gift for friends.


 Stacking rock and rope ring; http://tinyurl.com/nus8d8b

 Friendship bracelets with knots and ropes; http://tinyurl.com/obkkb2y

 All collection is from softened fine silver like a rope on the mountains. I am adding much more items to this collection. These are only begining! Stay on the line!:) 

26 Ekim 2015 Pazartesi

Inspiration of A New Collection

A new collection with silver ropes will avaliable be soon at my Etsy shop; www.serpilguneysu.etsy.com

This year I have tried alpinism and rock climbing with ropes. It is difficult to do it for me because I afraid climbing, but I admire how amazing things can be done with only one rope!!!! So I have created silver ropes and made a new collection from them. I am quite excited about this new collection!

Bu sene yaz dağcılığı başlangıç eğitimlerine katıldım. Eğitim iplerle kaya tırmanışı da içeriyordu. Kaya tırmanışı yapamasam da iplere ve kayalara hayran kaldım!! İpe girmek, iple kayalardan inmek harika bir duygu olsa gerek.....o kadar hoşuma gitti ki ipler den bir koleksiyon oluşturdum....neredeyse bitti....şu an fotoğraflıyorum ve yakında yayınlayacağım....

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3 Eylül 2015 Perşembe

Trekking Near Istanbul and Green Forest Jewelry

In Istanbul it is difficult to find natural, untouched areas. There are small parks, little green lands but all of them are designed by human. Flowers can not grow where They want or it is people decision where a tree will grow.
But my eyes need to see something natural and my ears to hear natural sounds like birds, falling water voices of leaves...it is something that feeds my soul and inspire my jewelry.
 This photo has been taken on a forest approx. 200km far away from Istanbul.
One of my favorite one of a kind rings. I had used natural emerald gemstone on it. I call it as " Third Eye "

I  believe in power of green which is my favorite color. Nature awakaness with hunderets of green color's tones and creates new beauties! So I try to use green as much as I can or as much as I can find proper materials!
Handmade green stone earrings!
An abstract tree with green stone.
Hand Forged Sterling Silver Laurel Leaves with olive green peridot gemstones.

A lovely hand pierced / saw pendant with a lovely green abalone sea shell!
An abstract leaf to my own design!

24 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi

Chintamani Earrings, Inspired Turkish Ottoman Ornaments


I have inspired this earring from Ottoman ornaments. This ornament is called Chintamani - a wish- fulfilling jewel - and has been widely used both Buddhist and Ottoman traditions. They have given this figure different meanings. Blue Pendant consists of three circles. For Buddhist three circles of cintamani symbolize Buddha's three spiritual features. When you come to Ottomans three circles symbolize power. It is believed that Sultans would be protected because of the power of three circles. 

13 Ağustos 2015 Perşembe

My Cute Bird is Settled on An Ear!:)

This week I have taken a photo of my cute birds on an ear.
After designing this cute bird on my sketchbook I had handcreated them from sterling sheet and wires then cast it. There are seven tiny silver balls soldered on it since I believe seven is a lucky number.
I adore birds so I love this creation of mine too:))
It is a made to order item and details can be seem here;
#birdearring #serpilguneysu #silver #handmade #birds

6 Ağustos 2015 Perşembe

Live From My Atelier; Adjustable Pearl Ring For Hands Collection

This week I have made a new ring for my hands collection. This collections' name is " Hands" because rings on this collection is completely handmade so each time I make it you can see slight differencies on the rings like human hands and shanks' shape of the rings reminds me a hand.
All rings on this collection are adjustable and very comfortable on your hands! Here you see two different  rings from this collection, both same but since handmade still each of them unique. They have got triangle shape but other rings on this collection hasn't got a triangle shape.
I have made and continuning to make different styles of rings for this collection....