3 Eylül 2015 Perşembe

Trekking Near Istanbul and Green Forest Jewelry

In Istanbul it is difficult to find natural, untouched areas. There are small parks, little green lands but all of them are designed by human. Flowers can not grow where They want or it is people decision where a tree will grow.
But my eyes need to see something natural and my ears to hear natural sounds like birds, falling water voices of leaves...it is something that feeds my soul and inspire my jewelry.
 This photo has been taken on a forest approx. 200km far away from Istanbul.
One of my favorite one of a kind rings. I had used natural emerald gemstone on it. I call it as " Third Eye "

I  believe in power of green which is my favorite color. Nature awakaness with hunderets of green color's tones and creates new beauties! So I try to use green as much as I can or as much as I can find proper materials!
Handmade green stone earrings!
An abstract tree with green stone.
Hand Forged Sterling Silver Laurel Leaves with olive green peridot gemstones.

A lovely hand pierced / saw pendant with a lovely green abalone sea shell!
An abstract leaf to my own design!