25 Eylül 2013 Çarşamba

Bitter Melon, Alternative Medicine! How I Prepared Bitter Melon to Cure Ulcer! Kudret Narını Nasıl Hazırladım!

Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia) has been told that good for any wounds, tumors and diabetus. It has been widely used in Anatolia especially for ulcer, intestinal and throat diseases and as far as I know its' cure has also been shown in some scientific studies. But I don't know it's scientific side too much.

After I bought them from the market, I washed them and put them under sunlight.

Bitter Melon's shape looks like stomach and its surface looks like stomach's surface with its craggies.

Then I waited till they take orange colors and opens itself so blood cell / wound like seeds can be shown. It may take few days.

I cleaned their red seeds with a wood spoon ( metal shouldn't be used ) , divided into little pieces by hand and added 3 spoonful olive oil for each bitter melon.  
By this way It can be reserved one year or more. After some days you will see that plant will also put out its juice. 

Some people say you should wait 2 weeks before you start to it, but I didn't . It is said that you should eat one teaspoonful every morning before breakfast  for 4o days.

Kudret narının mide rahatsızlıklarına iyi geldiği söyleniyor, ben de denemek istedim.
Pazardan aldığım kudret narlarını yıkayıp güneşe koydum, turuncu renk alıp ağızları açılınca kırmızı çekirdeklerini tahta kaşıkla temizleyip kabukları elimle küçük parçalara böldüm. Her kudret narı için 3 çorba kaşığı zeytinyağı ekleyerek bir kavanoza koydum. Her sabah aç karnına bir tatlı kaşığı yiyiyorum, 40 gün devam etmeyi düşünüyorum.

18 Eylül 2013 Çarşamba

Herbs and vegetables from Agean cost of Turkey - Cesme - Alacati - Symria Çeşme - Alaçatı - Pazarı - Şifalı Otlar

Last  week, I was in the Agean coast of Turkey; Cesme - Alacati near to the city of Izmir / Symria.
There are lots of things to sea around that area but one of them is a vegetable and fruit market where you can find different herbs and vegetables.It has been held on every Saturday. I have some pictures of these vegetables / herbs and I want to share them with you.
Çeşme Alaçatı Pazarı.

 pea, cowpea / börülce
 Doughnuts with gum mastic. Çeşme is also famous with Gum mastic trees.
 Dried aubergines / eggplants
 Flowers of courgette, flowers are filled with rice etc. and cooked. It is delicious.
 Green and yellow lemons

 cornelian cherry
 grape-vine leaves, yummmm

 red peppers
 different seeds
 It has been told that this vegetable is good for kidney. Also it has got a meal, it has been cooked with meat.

This is another different vegetable. It has been used as medicine especially for the wounds on the throat and stomach. It is also told that it is good for cancer. I have bought some and prepared it as medicine. Last week I plan to talk more about that.

9 Eylül 2013 Pazartesi


Etsy is not only a handmade sellers web site it is also a social enviroment where you may meet with different people from different nationalities. Estella from Star of the East was a friend of mine from Europen Street Team of Etsy. She lives in Agean Part of Turkey namely Marmaris and we had never meet before. She came to visit Istanbul and we have spent a lovely week.

 First day, we went to Gumussuyu near Taksim Gezi Park. She has taken some photos from Gezi park, park was open that day we have visited but closed a day after by the police due to some protests. After Gezi Park protests on end of May 2013 this is a kind of classic for Gezi Park of Istanbul.

 Then we walked through Istiklal Street and went to Karakoy by tunnel,  then to Eminonu / Grand Bazaar
 Estella felt a bid tired because of walking since places are not near to each other in Istanbul.

Other day we meet with Some Etsy friends from European Street Team at Kadıkoy. This was my first time that I see them, we had lovely time.

then we had time and I wanted to show " Moda " to Estella, She has taken a photo from one of the painted stairs in Istanbul.
Painting stairs has started 2-3 weeks ago in Istanbul, one morning we have just seen that one the stairs in Istanbul (Fındıklı) has been painted in Rainbow colors. It was lovely so everybody has taken photos and put that photos on social media. But the other day we have seen that stairs were painted grey again during the night. Then protests started and people started to painted stairs in rainbow colors.

Rainbow includes every color in it but grey is only one color we want to see Istanbul colorful instead of uniform grey places and people.

 Next day we have visitid another Etsy firend, Kristin.
 I find Kristin's shop beautiful at Cihangir. She also has got a shop on Etsy with lovely handmade galss jewelries  evihan

During weekend we have taken a short Bosphorus tour. Actually it was my firts time to hear a short bosphorus tour, it was nice but a bid like fast-food:) Normally tour was going to Kavak ( where you can eat wonderful fresh fishes, mussels etc.) through Bosphorus stay there 1-2 hrs. then comes back to Eminonu. This short one is a newly created one but we had no enough time so taken the short trip.
This is me looking at Bosphorus

Other day we went to Kadıkoy and Yoğurtçu Parkı and Estella has also taken some of my jewelries photographs during her visit which was very useful for me. I had a grey stone at my home as background of my jewelries' photographs but I haven't used it at all since I find it a bid shiny. Estella has taken some lovely photos with that grey stone and some of my leaves with wood . I think I am going to use that stone more on my jewelries' photos as background.

 This is my amorphous sterling silver bracelet, She has used grey stone on this photograph. You can see more examples with this grey stone and some of  leaves on wood  on my shop .

And, this is the end of the visit. She went back to Marmaris now. 
Hope to meet with her again some time some where.