24 Ağustos 2015 Pazartesi

Chintamani Earrings, Inspired Turkish Ottoman Ornaments


I have inspired this earring from Ottoman ornaments. This ornament is called Chintamani - a wish- fulfilling jewel - and has been widely used both Buddhist and Ottoman traditions. They have given this figure different meanings. Blue Pendant consists of three circles. For Buddhist three circles of cintamani symbolize Buddha's three spiritual features. When you come to Ottomans three circles symbolize power. It is believed that Sultans would be protected because of the power of three circles. 

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  1. See, 3 is very powerful everywhere, the holy trinity in Christian theology... and now this too, interesting!
    And also one of my lucky numbers!
    Even have a tribal tattoo with 3 points for this, so now I know I can go to war protected :-)

  2. Interesting facts behind these pretty earrings :)

  3. Thanks for the background story of these beautiful earrings :)

  4. Beautiful blues, they make a beautiful pair of earrings!

  5. They look beautiful! And even more so now that i know some behind the scenes story about them!